Trump Takes Credit For Airline Safety Record

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POTUS Claims To Have Had An Influence On Zero Fatal Accidents In The Airline Industry

Opinion Editorial by Jason J. Baker– While commercial air travel has had an excellent safety record in the U.S. for almost a decade, President Trump tagged the airlines impeccable safety record on his own long list of presidential accomplishments this week. It seems safe to assume that, without his being involved, thousands of unsuspecting travelers would have met their maker in fiery crashes aboard commercially operated airliners.

The minor fact that there has not been a single fatal passenger airline crash in the U.S. since 2009, according to the National Transportation Safety Board was apparently overlooked as an inconvenient alternative fact. The last deadly commuter plane crash took place in Hawaii in 2013.

The president did not detail exactly which steps he took to improve airline safety. His highest-profile initiative — privatizing air-traffic control — stalled in Congress. Nevertheless the tweet triggered no less than 45.000 comments, not quite surprisingly more than 15.000 followers retweeted the tidbit as fact, with more than 78.000 liking the tweet.


Nobody in General or Business Aviation has any obligation or real need to smooch up to the airline industry, however, for the love of facts, the safety record improvements ought to be attributed to the sweat, tears and hard work of millions of oftentimes underpaid and ill-treated mechanics, pilots and front line employees, who keep this extremely profitable industry – which invests little to nothing into its own workforce – on track and thereby many body-bags empty. We in business and general aviation don’t fare so well in terms of accidents and fatalities, however numbers are declining, due to our own doing, not that of government agencies toughness or bureaucrats knee-jerk reaction or regulatory thinking.

Meanwhile, FAA Adminstrator Huerta is scheduled to depart the FAA by the end of this week, with no replacement in view. Trumps surprise about Huerta’s lack of pilot credentials and subsequent wish to have the FAA led by “a really good pilot” is yet to come true. Business & General Aviation fortunately has quite many of these… so there may be some hope.

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