Luke Evans Uses Seaplane To Showcase Welsh Coastline

Luke Evans Wales

Hollywood actor Luke Evans recently returned home to Wales to help promote tourism to the Welsh coastline and used a seaplane to help show it off.

Luke Evans WalesWhales has begun making a push towards getting people to realize just how much beautiful coastline they have. It’s a big part of the country that is largely forgotten about, by the Welsh and potential tourists alike. To help combat this and help promote just what their coastline can offer Welsh native and now Hollywood actor Luke Evans recently returned home.

Evans helps to show off the Welsh coastline in a beautiful Cessna 182R. The Cessna has a patriotic registration of G-WLAD, which is Welsh for “Country,” and is painted in a red, yellow, and white paint scheme, presumably to represent the Welsh rugby team.

Take a look at the video below and you will, more than likely, find yourself surprised at the beauty that the Welsh coastline offers. Maybe you’ll find yourself wishing it was you behind the yoke of the Cessna instead of Luke Evans. You’d probably have to get used to fly from the right seat (they drive on the other side of the road, its only natural to fly from the other seat, too) and maybe push the power in to go faster, rather than pulling the prop back…

From the departure at Llyn Gwynant in the foothills of Snowdonia all the way to the touchdown in Cardiff Bay, this flight is one that any seaplane pilot would love to take. We appreciate that the government of Wales is stepping up to help promote their beautiful nature and that Evans was generous enough to take us along for the flight.

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  1. How funny! He even changed seats after takeoff! :-)))

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