Our First Sponsor Is: The Waco Aircraft Corporation!

SponsorPicture: Courtesy Peter Bowers, Waco Aircraft Corporation

The First Sponsor Of Seaplanemagazine.com Is The Waco Aircraft Corporation, Featuring Its New YMF-5F


Picture: Courtesy Peter Bowers, Waco Aircraft Corporation

The Seaplanemagazine.com team is excited to announce that Waco Aircraft Corporation has decided to sponsor and support this website in 2018, by becoming our first ever official display advertiser! Waco’s ad will be visible in our “B-Spot”, sporting the beautiful looking YMF-5F which we introduced here in October 2017.

As you may remember, we found ourselves unable to follow Peter Bower’s invite to fly this incredible machine during its debut in Florida, a few weeks later. At that point we reached out to Paul Bertorelli from AVweb.com for help. Paul met with Peter and had the pleasure of flying the plane. Paul sent his article to us as a guest editorial, along with some great pictures, while the video and Paul’s blog on it went up on AVweb.com. Read: Flying The Waco YMF-5F

Why Announce This?

Because for the team and this site, its a big deal! The only way we can keep putting the time, money and effort it takes to bring this magazine to people, is with the help from our industry which is comprised of general and business aviation companies. While we didn’t offer advertising for the first two years of running this magazine, the first inquiries on placing ads had come in as early as April of 2016. That’s a big compliment for a 3 month old website.

Then, in July 2017 one of the big players in the seaplane industry encouraged us to invest into an advertising system that allows ads to be displayed. Carefully reaching out to other potential targets, we tried to determine if it was possible to gain enough support from the industry we cover with news, to take the site up to the next level. Feedback was great, so some rather large investments were made, to make it all work.

We have worked and continue to work hard to make Seaplanemagazine.com easy and convenient to use and focused on informing and empowering people to get into seaplane flying as well as business aviation careers, hoping to thereby help secure #TheFutureOfWaterflying. The sites reach and popularity with those who visit us daily or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn plus the frequent interactions with pilots and readers, show us that we are on the right path.

This site is not an exclusive club for special people! We support guest editors who want to test the waters or try to figure out if writing is for them and we equally welcome the seasoned veterans here. We share pictures, videos, stories, history pieces and technical or training articles – and of course – the news! Obviously we would like to report live from Oshkosh, Greenville and a multitude of other events, as well. All of this is completely impossible to do without the positive feedback and help from our readers and especially companies like Waco Aircraft Corporation.

Our sincere thanks to the whole team of Waco!

Information: We work with every company that reaches out to us on finding individual options for advertising. From our TOP SPOT (new pricing!) sponsor to  advertorials to display advertising, strategic community back-links, career listings, extended product tests, test flights (when able) cross promotions to featured articles, products and books, there are options for every budget.

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