Kindle Version Of Dick Folsom Book Released

FolsomPicture: Courtesy & Copyright Jake Morell, Hardscrabble Lodge

Author Jake Morrel’s New Book Puts Spotlight On Dick Folsom

Author Jake Morrel just informed us that his new book titled Dick Folsom: Bush Pilot – A Legend Reflects is now available on Kindle through for just $9.99. Those who prefer the paper copy may obtain the book directly from Jake’s Website or through our featured book ad. Users of e-readers can have the book on their reading device in just a few minutes.  Please note the process of obtaining an author signed copy on Jake’s website. Our own Dave Marion is in possession and currently reviewing this book.

Download Kindle Version From Amazon Here

Jake, who is an accomplished aviation veteran himself, has also written the book Hardscrabble Lodge which collected very nice reviews, even from non aviation people. Chris Buckner read this book and his review is coming out next week.  Hardscrabble Lodge, of course is available directly from Jakes website as well.

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