Sunset Flyby Picture By Yves Ringer

FlybyPicture: Courtesy & Copyright - Yves Ringer

A Beautiful Sunset Flyby Captured By Ives Ringer

Once a year the “Deutscher Wasserflieger Verband e.V.” (German Seaplane Pilots Association) puts on the so-called “Abfliegen” (Season Farewell Fly-In) which takes place in Welzow, one of three solid water flying locations in regulation stricken Germany. Member Yves Ringer recently submitted this shot.


Picture: Courtesy & Copyright – Yves Ringer

By the way, the association ( is a member!) is always interested in gaining new members and supporters and there are four different kind of memberships available. If interested to support the cause, please reach out to [email protected] or visit

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