A Reflection of “Hardscrabble Lodge” by Jake Morrel

Hardscrabble Lodge

We recently received a copy of “Hardscrabble Lodge” – True Maine Bush Flying Stories, by Jake Morrel, and wanted to share our feelings about the book with our readers.

Hardscrabble Lodge

Morrel includes some photos of the lodge in the book that really help you get an idea of what it would have been like to visit.

Jake Morrel, the author of the book Hardscrabble Lodge – True Maine Bush Flying Stories, takes the reader back in time as he recounts 35 stories of the time in which he owned and operated Hardscrabble Lodge in back-country Maine.

Morrel sets out in Hardscrabble Lodge to give today’s reader a glimpse of what it was like back when the the sportsman’s camp was in it’s prime. In our opinion that is a mission he definitely accomplished. Morrel’s book reads like you are sitting around a campfire, or possibly a wood burning stove in this case and listening to the tales of someone who’s done the things you only dream of.

This book has stories covering hunting, hiking, fishing, survival rescue, midnight home defense, and of course bush flying. Now, if you are looking for an “all about bush flying” that regales you with tales of insane bush flights and gives you technical advise about flying a bush plane in Maine, then Hardscrabble Lodge may not be for you. While the title does seem to hint towards the book being all about bush flying, in reality the focus of the book is about the lodge, the people, and the stories that came out of it; bush flying just happened to play a major role in all of those things.

Hardscrabble Lodge is not only entertaining, regaling the reader with stories such as one of my favorites where a simple trip to a sportsman’s show in Montreal turns into a much grander ordeal; but the book is also educational. It has many interesting facts about Maine, and about life in the back country that those who’ve never had the opportunity to experience would love to know.

Overall, Hardscrabble Lodge is a book that I would highly recommend and will keep handy to read again and again for myself. The stories feel so real and honest and they are all quick and easy to read. It makes for a great way to quickly escape reality and take you to a place that many of us wish we could be all the time.

You can head over to Hardscrabblelodge.com to purchase your copy of Hardscrabble Lodge – True Maine Bush Flying Stories today for just $21.95 or to message the author about picking up a signed edition. While you’re there you can also take a look at his latest book Dick Folsom: Bush Pilot – A Legend Reflects, which is now available in paperback, in paperback with audio recordings, and now for digital download on Kindle. Our editor Dave Marion has a copy of that one.

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