Flying Over Vancouver is a Great Way to Relax

Flying over Vancouver

Flying is always amazing in different ways, but this Harbour Air seaplane flying over Vancouver is a beautiful and relaxing way to pass some time.

Flying over VancouverWe’re always on the lookout for well documented adventures and somehow stumbled upon this trip of the guys from “Road and Air.” They recently went on an amazing flight, courtesy of Harbour Air to do some sightseeing as they were flying over Vancouver, Canada.

The trip starts off on the docks and then joins the flight as the plane soars calmly over places such as downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park, Horseshoe Bay, and over and around a ton of the small islands in and around the Vancouver area.

Thanks to the soundtrack that “Road and Air” have included along with this beautiful seaplane flying over Vancouver, this is one flying video that we’ll be sure to watch over and over. Not only is it relaxing, but it makes for great motivational content during work time.

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