Preview: 80 Years, A Tribute to the PBY Catalina


Here’s our exclusive preview of Hans Wiesman’s new book: “80 Years, A Tribute to the PBY Catalina”

Those of you suffering from a lasting love affair with the large flying boat PBY Catalina will not want to wait to put your fingers on Hans Wiesman’s new “80 Years, A Tribute To The PBY Catalina” book. Expect no ordinary book, though! Published in hardback, this is the ultimate luxury coffee table book about the Catalina, with many photos never published before. This book will quickly become a must-have not only for the vintage aviation buff but for all those who love and appreciate this great flying boat.

What you will get in this book is the most amazing and complete photo collection of the Catalina that you can find in the market, covering its full 80 years career from the war years to the post-war career and beyond.

Hans, who is well known as and for his book “The Dakota Hunter” reached out around the globe and the incredible feedback from several resources contributed to what eventually amounted to more than 400 high quality pictures, on 288 pages. We can’t wait to get our copy for review!

Until February 15, 2018 you may pre-order the book with a 20% discount for $39.95, directly from the Seattle Book Company. More information about the book and what all went into its creation is found via A special treat for those ordering early is a signed free bonus page, inserted in the book, which is a near A4 format and perfectly suited for framing!

About The Author

Hans Wiesman (author of ‘The Dakota Hunter’ book & blogs) traces his profound passion for the DC-3/Dakota and the PBY Catalina back to the age of five. Between the years 1951–1956 he lived in the Borneo Jungle and he flew in both aircraft with his father, a Shell oil exploration engineer. Hans’ love affair with these aircraft has never faded and later in his career, being a Creative executive for an International Brand, he met the PBY Catalina again and created a TV documentary series with that legendary aircraft as being the image-carrier. It brought him another 250 flight hours with the PBY and a wealth of unique experiences and photographs on his double Transamerican tours. With only a few PBY Cansos/Catalinas now left in airworthy condition, the saga told and depicted in this book is his heartfelt personal and colorful tribute to this iconic aircraft.

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