GA Is Becoming The Futures Critical Lifeline

CriticalPicture: Courtesy of Sky Terry

General Aviation, Becoming The Futures Critical Lifeline


Picture: Courtesy of Sky Terry

On January 20th, John Crooks from the Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center, Alan Barnard – who is the Aviation Coordinator for Clallam County – and I were given the opportunity to share our efforts to bring communities and pilots together as a critical lifesaving resource after the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake that we are due for, hits. In attendance where several pilots and members of the general public.

This was a special privilege that was possible to happen due to Cale Wilcox from the Seattle Museum of Flight reaching out to Alan and giving us this wonderful opportunity to present the information in the historic Red Barn at the Museum of Flight.

We had really great attendance and hopefully this will spread the word further, how pilots and communities can work together to save lives.  This has been a long journey to arrive here, but worth it to see this resource being planned to be used and its ability to save lives, being recognized. In telling and sharing the video about this event we hope to see more local DARTS being developed in the near future.

Sky Terry is a Contributing Editor here at He writes on topics concerning the use of  Seaplanes and Flying Boats in Emergency & Disaster Relief.

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