The Glorious DC-3 On Floats – Max Folsom

DC-3Video Screenshot

The Glorious DC-3 which was really a C53 On Floats – Max Folsom

Here’s one of the cool videos David Quam (aka. SPA1, because he is the founder of the Seaplane Pilots Association) shared on just a few days ago. Its a 30 minute video of the interview Dave had with Max Folsom, who is one of the famous Folsom’s featured in Jake Morrel’s book you see advertised here.

Dave has created some amazing videos and there are hours and days, probably weeks of historic information preserved for future generations on his Youtube Channel. He can be found as one of the earliest members and a long time supporter of

Make sure to join and subscribe to his channel. If you see a video about seaplanes we should feature here, send us a email via: [email protected] any time.

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  1. On Feb, 3rd, 2018 I sent Jason 37 YouTube videos related to seaplane flying that I have shot, edited and published. Any or all of them can be downloaded if anyone wants…Jason will have to go though them all to select the videos to be posted on this webpage, if any. Dave Quam

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