Super Special Trip For Pilots N Paws Pups

All Pictures: Courtesy & Copyright

A Radio Host Passionately Flies For Pilots N Paws

As you know we try to support PilotsNPaws by sharing some of the amazing work they do with our readers here. Unfortunately our Facebook time is very much limited, so some of their public relations people send us a heads up when especially moving lifts are given.  Has there been a seaplane or flying boat in use on flying a PNP flight? If you know, let us know in the comments!

Here’s some shots from ChristopherBrotha’ FredFrederick , getting a sweet bunch of cute puppies out of their misery and to their new forever family! When he’s not hosting his Chicago morning radio show, Fred’s often flying off saving lives for #PilotsNPaws. This Freedom Flight is flying a batch of pups out of rural Kentucky to #ShelterFromTheStorm Rescue in Madison, WI. 1035 KISS FM #fredonair

You can support Pilots N Paws by donating to their cause, or by making your flying skills and flying carpet available to them. All involved share one common passion, which is to save pups while promoting the versatility of general aviation and the heart of its people. We would love to feature an official Seaplane or Flying Boat Puppy Rescue story just as soon as we get our fingers on it!

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