Quam Video: The Greenville Seaplane Fly-In

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The Worlds Biggest & Most Important Seaplane Event

Dave Quam recently sent the mother-load of videos for us to share with our readers. And, thanks to the help of our (soon to be announced) Top Sponsor – we will be able to report directly from the upcoming 45th International Seaplane Fly-In in Greenville, Maine later this year.

Dave has lead a successful and most importantly FULL life, in both his chosen career in film and media, but also in his aviation endeavors, having founded the Seaplane Pilots Association and being instrumental in bringing about what has become one of the worlds best known and most appreciated events in the Water Flying World known as the Annual International Seaplane Fly-In

One of Dave’s best known traits is also his life motto which preaches that perseverance, a positive attitude and often luck is what drives people to leave a legacy that stands the test of time. People with such a track record have the incredible ability to motivate and inspire people to always put their best foot forward and that nothing is truly beyond reach, even for our younger generation and those who make up #TheFutureOfWaterflying today.

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  1. Terrific video! Greenville’s the best.

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