A Great View of a Trailer Floatplane Launch

floatplane launch

Definitely not an everyday sight, but here’s a neat video of a Float Plane launching from a trailer

floatplane launchWhat happens when you need to take off in a water flying airplane such as a Cessna on straight floats, but the plane is located at an airport with no water for a normal water takeoff? Well, one way to go about solving that problem is to get a good driver, a good truck, and a nice stable trailer to assist in the takeoff.

The video below, which seems to be shot from the bed of the truck being used to pull the trailer for an assisted takeoff, shows exactly what it looks like when VR is reached and the plane leaves both the trailer and the earth.

Taking off from a trailer is definitely not an “easy” option and should only be attempted by those well used to flying the aircraft and accompanied by someone in the truck who is comfortable and knowledgeable about the process.

There are many different aspects of the takeoff that must be considered, such as keeping the plane on the trailer until proper speed has been attained, as well as keeping the propeller moving at roughly the same speed as the truck until time to actually speed up and take off.

The driver of the trailer must also be very comfortable and adept so as to make sure to keep the trailer straight down the runway, and moving in the right direction, even when the plane lifts off and the weight of the load changes considerably.

If you need to get a plane on straight floats off the runway, this is definitely one way to get it done, you just have to make sure you do your homework and are well prepared as there is even less room for error than normal.

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