Neat Airvan 8 Video From The Folks At PK Floats

PKImage: Capture from video

Neat Airvan 8 Testing Video From The Folks At PK Floats

Had to share this with our Friday readers, so that the exit into the weekend goes down with the right beat. Those of us with grey hair will not be sure whats more cool, the music or the impressions. Both are good for the soul, so here we go…

PK developed the PK 4000 floats for aircraft like the “Sled” Cessna 207A, Cessna T207A and the Helio 800 but the float, which floats air frames with a MGW of 4433 lbs was installed and successfully tested on a Mahindra Aerospace Airvan 8. You can learn more about the various floats and skis produced by the company in Lincoln, Maine by visiting their website.

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