sky[nav]pro:’s Newest Sponsor


sky[nav]pro:’s Newest Sponsor!

Everyone who has ever started a new website or business from scratch, knows how much time and money goes into development, content generation, editing and communication with the various news-makers and PR agencies. What looks rather organized and simple on the front page is often the result of several followups, clarifications and countless emails. We are trying to keep the site interesting for our readers, friends and followers, but you can bet, the heart beats faster when we have good news to report or have the pleasure to let our readers know that an aviation company likes what we do and supports our endeavor through their sponsorship.

All the more excited we are to announce our newest Sponsor which is navigation solution provider sky[nav]pro™. The company which is part of Dacher Systems GmbH in Berlin has spent the last few years revolutionizing the VFR Navigation world by the use of satellite technology. Specifically developed hardware in the form of the BlueLineBox, a free flight planning portal, free Android & iOS Apps and a whole lot of KNOW-HOW have gone into the product that just got nominated for the renowned fliegermagazin Award 2018 – as one of the most innovative products in 2018. Currently, they cover all of Europe with plans to expand in the future. sky[nav]pro will be present at AERO 2018 in Friedrichshafen.

Focused on the growing European market, the company is using the IRIDIUM Satellite network to provide a one stop solution for people who wish to have a portable, easy to use navigation system that provides real time DWD weather, free flight planning, two way communication and real time tracking (including SOS Emergency Locator) features to a growing base of pilots and fleet operators who wish to have it all.

The tracking service is especially interesting for fleet operators and flight schools as a simple selection tool in the fly portal allows real time flight following, helps with the forensics of potential airspace violations and even allows geo-fencing, in which the operator or CFI determines a certain area of operation and gets alerted when the aircraft (student/ renter) departs from it.

The communication feature is of interest anytime the regular communication options fail, interesting to flight schools and operators who need to communicate with their pilots without relying on often spotty telephone reception. In case of emergency, the box is equipped with a SOS button, which will send a emergency signal with the exact location to operator/ flight school or emergency services.

The Portal (aka Fly Portal) is a world of its own, allowing the convenient display of GAFOR, Wind (using Windy) as well as the creation of fully flyable flight plans, displaying airspace, airports and traffic patterns among a multitude of must have information for the complete planning of a VFR flight.

The portal in action, displaying WINDY

The box itself is small enough to fit in a flight bag, light as a feather, installs easy and a selection of antennas will convert location services using the UMTS telephone network or switch to satellite as required. Previously planned flights are called up on the I-Pad or Tablet’s app and from there the magic happens.

So, if you’re in Europe and looking for a flight planning, tracking-, navigation or on-board communication solution for your VFR aircraft or fleet, give them a shout and let them know we sent you. You can find them on the web via and on Facebook @skynavpro!

If you are interested in sponsoring or know of a company that should be presented here, please reach out to us via Email: [email protected]

In the future, readers will have a (completely voluntary) option to help us meet our funding requirements for event coverage and to further expand our #TheFutureOfWaterflying motto, the planned development of the Seaplanemag App and help us bring independent flight- and event reports from the field.

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