EASA Introduces “Sunny Swift” Safety Comics

Sunny Swift

EASA’s Deploys Comic Character To Improve On General Aviation Safety

The rather short attention span on various social media channels and a seemingly non existent interest in safety related information, especially when communicated by the Government (or requiring much reading) may have contributed to the move, however, here is Sunny Swift, to the re . Last week, EASA’s GA Safety Team introduced its first series of Safety Comics, using a character named Sunny Swift. Supposedly the information will be helpful to pilots all over the world, so RELAX, help is on the way!

Sunny Swift To The Rescue!

Once a month on a Wednesday, Sunny Swift will share her incredible adventures, where she uses her skills as a GA pilot in mitigating risks while flying. This new initiative is part of the GA road-map and we would love to hear from our readers what they think. This upcoming Wednesday is the first installment, so please, everyone try to stay alive until then!

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