ATC Privatization Story Off The Table For Now

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ATC Privatization Story Off The Table For Now

The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) issued the following statement in response to the announcement that House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) will no longer pursue the controversial proposal to remove air traffic control from the FAA.

AOPA President and CEO Mark Baker thanked AOPA members for their calls and letters to Capitol Hill and said, “In dropping the controversial air traffic control proposal, there’s now a chance to do something that all segments of aviation have been asking for—a long-term re-authorization bill.

“We look forward to working with Chairman Shuster and other leaders in Congress on a bill that improves aviation for every American and ensures our skies remain the safest in the world,” Baker continued. “This is what advocacy is all about,” Baker said. “AOPA and other groups identified the threat this bill posed for GA and with great support from AOPA members, we worked every angle on Capitol Hill, through the media, and with other organizations outside of aviation who would also be negatively impacted. The coalition and excellent strategy paid off and kept this bill from reaching the House floor.

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“Now we can focus that energy on continuing to improve the excellent air traffic system we already have and in bringing other improvements to the FAA. Meanwhile, we will remain ever vigilant for future efforts that will be disruptive to general aviation because the general aviation we enjoy in this country is unique in the world and is worth protecting.”

AOPA, along with hundreds of other aviation groups and organizations across the political spectrum, opposed the legislation, and AOPA members contacted their representatives in Congress more than 200,000 times asking them to oppose the bill.


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  1. OK, we beat this monster back into it’s cage once again. We know it’s going to get loose so, let’s be proactive and lobby our politicians for an improved ATC that can handle the traffic of the future.

    We have millions of autonomous drones that want to deliver your prescription medication and beer. How do we do it? How is the VTOL passenger aircraft going to avoid collisions around populations?

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