German Seaplane Pilots Association Annual Meeting

Picture: Courtesy & Copyright Jason J. Baker/

German Seaplane Pilots Association Annual Meeting

On February 24th 2018 the “Deutscher Wasserflieger Verband e.V.” aka. The German Seaplane Pilots Association held its annual membership meeting in Hamburg. The association was founded on 26th of March, 1977 and counts some 45 members these days. Its activities are aiming at the promotion of water-flying in Europe and particularly in Germany.

As you know, the European industry is growing fairly well and EASA regulations have been relaxed to such an extent that water-flying is experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately with lots of people standing ready to start flying, just as soon as EASA gets its LAPL-A and SEP (Sea) rating issue figured out. Specific goals are:

  • establishment of friendly relations to all persons and groups interested in water-flying,
  • organization of national and international meetings and participation in such meetings abroad,
  • organization of training camps in Germany and abroad for DWV’s members who want to apply for the issue of the class rating for single engine piston seaplanes SEP (Sea) in accordance with JAR FCL 1.215 (a) (2).

Members of DWV e.V. who attended the annual meeting got together for a quick photo. © J. Baker (SPM)

With these objectives in mind, DWV is or theoretical instruction and practical training DWV provides flight instructors FI, class rating instructors CRI, flight examiners FE, and the material infrastructure in the form of chartered or own seaplanes. On the national level, DWV endeavors to open lakes and rivers for water-flying.The training camps are put on to provide training for pilots and for family leisure time. Special conditions exist for foreign pilots who want to participate in these camps. You may reach out to Jason Baker to learn more or contact the DWV directly via Email at [email protected]  The German Seaplane Pilots Association is on Facebook as of last weekend and may be found via: @WasserfliegerVerband

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