The Calamalo II Project – Realizing A Dream

Calamalo IIThe Calamalo II - 3D Image by J.M. Mateo

The Calamalo II Project – Realizing A Dream

The European LSA/ ULM seaplane market is living through what could be described as rejuvenating times, both in terms of people interested in learning how to fly and new aircraft designs and developers appearing. For many of the players, both the old and established ones – and the many new ones – the challenges are very similar. How can we deliver relatively easy to fly air-frames at a price-point that accomplishes the seemingly impossible: Make aviation affordable and fun again and get a younger generation of people remotely interested in flying?

Many concepts which sought to bridge the gap between the general populace and a sport that has been systematically hindered from positive and growth oriented development over the last few decades, both by UN-tethered over-regulation and the increasingly entertainment- only focus of its target audience, have launched and failed miserably. How high may the number of projects and designs be, which never made it beyond the drawing board or quickly hit a price level that required oxygen substitution? How many given up ideas sit in cold and dusty hangars?

Calamalo II

The Calamalo II – 3D Image by J.M. Mateo

Meanwhile, long established firms which had a relatively difficult time with selling new concepts to a rapidly aging consumer group had to literally redevelop the wheel or faced stiff headwind in trying to push the changes nobody ever wants to talk about. The topic is like the 5.000 pound elephant in the room and bringing it up isn’t necessarily increasing ones popularity.

One of the impressive characters trying to realize a dream with his new aircraft development is Loïc Pochet who is an accomplished flight instructor, pilot and flight school owner from France. Loïc is also an avid sailor with lots of experience on the water and no less than 23 Atlantic crossings under his belt, of which 7 were solo. What better thing could one due than to connect the dots between the both passions and lifestyles?

The brain behind Calamalo II, which has been gaining attention over the last few years has worked with a very talented 3D artist J.M. Mateo, to create the visualized concept of the aircraft which we, for one, will watch further developed here in Europe.

Currently, the designer is working hard to raise the funds required to get the show started with this new airplane. Sure, the old rank and file naysayers will do what they always do, but #TheFutureOfWaterflying happens when we look forward and support new developments and movements. We here at would like to see it flying soon! You can find it on the web via the Calamalo II Website  – and we invite you to like and follow the project via the Calamalo II Facebook Page!

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