Beriev Be-200 Russian Firefighting Machine

BerievImage Courtesy of Beriev Aircraft

Beriev Be-200 Russian Firefighting Machine

The Beriev BE-200 is a multipurpose amphibious aircraft manufactured by Beriev Aircraft. The plane can be configured for fire fighting, search and rescue, maritime patrol and environmental monitoring, cargo and passenger transportation operations. It can take off and land on unprepared airstrips and water. Designed as a multi-role amphibious platform, the jet can be configured for a range of missions.

The aircraft can also be delivered in executive version. Be-200 amphibious aircraft desig is based on FAR-25 requirements that will allow to facilitate the certification in compliance with FAA and JAA requirements.

Public Joint Stock Company “Beriev Aircraft” was established on 1 October, 1934 as the Central Design Bureau of Seaplanes Manufacturing. Since 2006, it is a part of the UAC OJSC. In April, 2011 Beriev Aircraft Company was reorganized and joined TAVIA OJSC, the Serial Production Aviation Plant.

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