Sending Guest Articles To

Image: Courtesy of Scandinavian Skies

Sending Guest Articles To

Image: Courtesy of Scandinavian Skies would like to hear from you! If you have a funny or serious story to share with our readers, feel free to submit it as “Guest Article”. Hilarious experiences with a student, a product review or comment on any of the current hot topic issues in general – and seaplane aviation? Sure! How about a short (300 words or more) article about your seaplane training?  Something like this could be useful to someone considering getting a seaplane rating in 2016. A spotlight on your seaplane charter company? If the best you can to contribute right now are amazing pictures, we appreciate them.

How Else You Can Help Us

SeaplanemagazineWe have reached a large number of seaplane companies out there, but of course, some have not been reached or feel a bit shy to send us their news or pictures. You could become a “News Informant” when attending events or Splash In’s, or after you learn of a new development happening out there. Events, seminars, things happening in your neighborhood or at your seaplane base. Snap a few pictures and send them to us.

Reachable 24/7 via email or through Facebook.

The wish-list is short:

  • Like and share our Facebook page, invite some friends to do the same
  • Like and share the articles and hashtag/ mention the site
  • Tell your friends to read and contribute stories and pictures
  • Let seaplane businesses know about a new source to share their news and ask them to consider us for sponsorship or advertising!
  • Include in your daily reading list and comment on the articles

Thank You For The Encouragement & Support has been active for more than two years and feedback and support offerings have been simply amazing! We are proud to have received the help and support of our advertisers and sponsors. Obviously its still difficult to gain enough support to attend very many events, but we work hard every day to make part of your daily reading list.