2018 AERO Friedrichshafen News Coverage

FriedrichshafenPicture: Copyright Seaplanemagazine.com

2018 AERO Friedrichshafen News Coverage

Quest Kodiak Outside Exhibit 2017

Seaplanemagazine.com is visiting the 2018 AERO Friedrichshafen which runs from runs from Wednesday, April 18 to Saturday April 21, 2018 for coverage on a very limited editorial schedule this year. We will be present on Thursday, April 19 (all day) and cover leftovers on Friday April 20th, for a few hours before traveling back home.

Editorial coverage there is important for us, as these are the events where we meet the players and news makers face to face, get to put our little fingers on and into the airplanes we love to report about besides making companies who haven’t learned about us, aware of the magazine. Yes, we would also like to meet with readers when and where possible.

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Traditionally the AERO exhibit spells a financial windfall for hotels and gastronomy in this otherwise disconnected area of Germany, so it is not difficult to find below average living quarters reaching into the 4-5oo Euro per night range during the event. A whole day of travel to get there and another to get back home spells 4 days on the road with costs exceeding $1.200 Euro’s easily. Peanuts for the big guys with the big events budgets, but a tough nut for a small magazine like ours. The event is important nevertheless as its a bit of the “pulse” of the General & Business Aviation industry in Europe, which is our home turf.

If your company would like to set up a meet and greet, interview or meeting on the flight line, please arrange for a time well in advance. We will be traveling throughout the grounds with no fixed presence or location and work our target list of contacts and visits. You may reach Jason Baker via E-Mail: [email protected] or through +49 (0) 173 812 4992 (best to use Whatsapp!) during the event. If you can help us find news coverage sponsorship, your information is also appreciated. Regular news coverage during the event continues, as usual.