Seaplane Passion In Amazing Scale Detail

PassionScale Model "Flaction Cub"

Seaplane Passion In Amazing Scale Detail

Scale Model “Flaction Cub”

The Seaplane Pilots Association of Switzerland has a beautifully done membership magazine, which arrived here together with one of the great 2018 calendars. Thanks to our friend Mirko Bleuer for both! The artfully printed magazine is chuck full of great stories and information for the members – extremely well done by SPAS.

On the last page, one sees a picture of a scale model of the “Flaction” Supercub, sitting on the float of the real thing, which has been a steady appearance in many event pictures.

We reached out to the builder of the model, Dan Wyss, who shared these cool images with us, taken by Diego Forte and Isabelle Mercier at the Bex Airfield in Switzerland. is a winery nestled in the scenic SSW part of Switzerland.

The Swiss Seaplane Pilots Association (aka. SPAS) puts on four events this year, starting with the Seaplane Meetings in Hergiswil, L’Abbaye and Yverdon in June and Bönigen in August of 2018. All event dates can be seen here. Traditionally, the SPAS events are visited by friends from all over Europe, so its safe to expect good turnouts.

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