Scottish Flight School Invests In ALSIM ALX

ALSIMImage: Re-scaled Low Quality Picture From ALSIM News Release

Scottish Flight School Invests In ALSIM ALX


ALSIM has announced the sale of an ALX (Multi Engine Piston, Light Turboprop, Medium Turboprop and Medium Jet) to Tayside Aviation, a flight school located in Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom. The flight school already owned an Alsim device, the AL200 MCC.

Mr. Jim Watt, Tayside Aviation’s Managing Director, explains why their school selected ALSIM’s ALX: “We decided to choose Alsim’s ALX as we have been a customer of Alsim for over ten years and we know the quality of the device and the reliability of their simulators. The ALX is a high quality device and the versatility of the simulator will allow us to develop an MPL with our partner airline “. Tayside Aviation delivers the full time ATPL theory courses as well as the modular ATPL and Flying Instructor courses.


ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified FNPT II & FNPT II MCC flight simulators since 1994. Today the company has more than 300 certified flight training simulators in service with over 220 clients worldwide. To learn more about the devices, visit

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