Should I Lease, Charter Or Own? – Free eBook


Chase Aviation Releases A Free eBook That Answers Some Key Questions For People Considering Their First Aircraft Acquisition

CharterWhile likely more appealing to our loyal Business Aviation readers, here is an interesting and free resource released by Chase Aviation. Its designed for people considering private aviation options for their company or family. Written for those who may be new to private aviation, the eight page guide outlines the pros and cons of each option, including cost, maintenance, crew and other considerations.

“Many people have concluded that the airlines just aren’t serving the needs of their company, or their family. Your time and privacy are priceless, and there are several options for getting where you need to go as quickly, safely and privately as you wish,” says Brian Chase, President of Chase Aviation.

People can always call for a consultation, but many people are uncomfortable even with that because they don’t really know which questions to ask.” he adds. “And these are smart people that own companies and manage other large assets. But aviation is different, and many business-people are considering private aviation for the first time.” So, Brian sat down and wrote the eBook to help straighten out the process and apply more business thinking to the process.

The eBook can be downloaded instantly from, or is available by calling Chase Aviation at 843-628-7406.

About Chase Aviation

Chase Aviation Company, LLC was founded by Brian T. Chase in May of 2006.  Located at the Charleston International Airport (CHS,)  Chase Aviation provides  clients with aircraft sales and acquisition related consulting services, focusing primarily on turbine aircraft acquisitions. Navigate to to learn more or visit them on Facebook.

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