Tahiti Air Charter Starts Operations In French Polynesia

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Tahiti Air Charter Starts Operations In French Polynesia


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After a few years of hard work were dedicated to this project, the Degage Company finally rose to a brand-new challenge and launched a unique seaplane company Tahiti Air Charter in French Polynesia. Just last night, we learned that they operated their first charter flight, transporting guests from the U.S.

The Degage family, already heavily involved in maritime transportation in French Polynesia (Aremiti, Dory, Haumana Cruises), started its seaplane company with the goal to revive this specific kind of transportation that has already contributed to the Polynesian islands development during the 30’s and 70’s.

While some remember the Catalina seaplane from TEAL serving the famous “coral road” between Auckland and Papeete in the 50s, some others will be reminded of the Grumann-Mallard from Air Tahiti and its flights to the various archipelagos’ islands. After obtaining the Part 145 certification in August 2017, allowing the company to maintain its own air fleet, Tahiti Air Charter received its Air Carrier Certificate (AOC) on April 04th, 2018. This effectively enables the group to officially start its commercial activities and to thereby become the first French seaplane airline in 50 years.

Based in Raiatea (only 20 min from Bora Bora by plane), Tahiti Air Charter is offering flights and day tours over and around Bora Bora and the Society Islands, allowing its passengers to discover the magnificence of French Polynesia. The company also offers private inter-island charter flights.

Thanks to its own website and distribution network, the new seaplane airline will offer an exclusive range of activities including flights over Bora Bora and Tupai (the heart-shaped island), the discovery of other islands such as Taha’a and Maupiti, and some full-day excursions to discover all the hidden treasures of those islands.

Bringing a new type of activity to French Polynesia, Tahiti Air Charter is also available to operate private charters for its customers. Indeed, the company strives to connect the most isolated islands of Polynesia either for private or professional purposes, freight transportation, but also to bring assistance to the local population.  The selected air-frame is well suited for the task. The 8 seat Cessna 208 Caravan Amphib, is appreciated for being one of the quietest in its class. In short, we’re looking at the perfect exclusive getaway in Polynesia, providing safety and comfort in a modern aircraft.

Tahiti Air Charter is also an environmentally-friendly project, as seaplanes respect the fauna and flora of the lagoons and do not require the destruction of palm trees forests for landing strip construction. The team, led by Mrs Mere Bordes, who serves as the Manager of the company, is made of 12 experienced and passionate professionals who made this dream a reality. With water landing areas mainly located in the Society Islands, the objective of Tahiti Air Charter is to expand this capacity and its air fleet in order to serve the sustainable development of tourism in French Polynesia.

To learn more, you may wish to navigate to Tahiti-Air-Charter.com/en/ or check them out on Facebook!

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