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Please Join The Association Française d’Hydraviation

Opinion Editorial written by Jason J. Baker – is now a MEMBER of the French Seaplane Pilots Association and we will be bringing a LOT more information from the Waterflying World, thanks to fresh and new connections made in Europe. As stated repeatedly, seaplanes are experiencing what could be described as a renaissance in what is now known as “EASA Land”. Supporting the industry and those who make it tick is paramount, to me personally and to the magazine on a strategic level.

With the regulating body EASA leaving us with a long wish-list of items to speak about both in terms of aircraft certification processes, but also fairly limited access to water, many more have realized the need to combine and expand our efforts and to collaborate and exchange on ideas and expertise among each other. Being in contact with most (unfortunately not all) associations and groups, makes the need for a combined European effort apparent. Beginning this process for me personally, means to join those groups who do the most in capturing the beauty and adventure that surrounds airplanes which swim.

Everyone I know and talk to is working diligently to cease on the momentum and get more people over to the wet and dark side. Not by fancy fundraising events and selling memberships, but by actually talking and conversing with those who seek a way into our industry.

Manufacturers everywhere are doing what they can to provide clean and affordable aircraft, where the many thousands of pilots who are seemingly damned to watch everything from behind the fence and without access to free information beyond the fairly artificial Facebook Hype. Those people seem to be left to fend for their own and are probably spending time dreaming about becoming a pilot, instead of doing it.

The last few days, weeks and months have shown that there are many more open minds and forward thinking people in this industry than I would have thought, especially over here in Europe. Having these connections and talks is refreshing the mind, opening exchanges and connections that weren’t there. The results are tangible and measurable in that I see a 35% increase in traffic from Europe over the last 3 months alone.

Onward & Upwards for #TheFutureOfWaterflying. Don’t forget to join and support Association Française d’Hydraviation with your membership or donation and do reach out to me if you wish to work with!

Jason Baker works as a marketing & advertising consultant, translator and freelance writer with a focus on the aviation and automotive industry. He holds a commercial pilot certificate (SEL/SES/MEL), instrument rating as well as advanced & instrument ground instructor certificates. Jason has owned and operated for 8 years and is the owner & managing editor of For more information about consulting services offered, visit Baker Aviation Consulting & Services via:

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