A Great Look at Floatplanes Over the Gulf

floatplanes over the gulf

Fly along on a summer-long journey as Swayne Martin takes us along on an adventure in piloting floatplanes over the Gulf.

floatplanes over the gulfSwayne Martin has been blogging and documenting his journey in aviation since he was 15-years-old. In The summer of 2016 he was able to spend some amazing time flying around Florida and the Gulf coast in a Carbon Cub SS on floats.

Even though Martin didn’t yet have his seaplane rating at the time he was still able to fully enjoy the time in the plane and on the water and gain some valuable experience and time in a seaplane, and enjoy some amazing sights and adventures in the process.

This video is not only a great way to get yourself pumped up and excited about the warmer weather and flying season that is just around the corner, but should also go to serve as a reminder that you don’t necessarily need your own plane, or even your own license to enjoy the benefits of general aviation.

Get to your local airport, become more active on Facebook, or aviation forums, whatever it takes to get you in touch with the people who have the resources to do things like this and are willing and happy to make it happen.

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