Seaplanes At AERO 2018 In Friedrichshafen Germany

The Pöschel P300 B2 Equator - Image Jason J. Baker -

The AERO 2018 In The Rear View Mirror

While seaplanes had a rather scattered appearance during the event, some interesting concepts and developments made their appearance during the show. With more than 31.000 visitors attending, the annual event increased its audience compared to previous years. Organizers and AERO Staff did a tremendous job and exhibitors presented their products passionately.

ATOL Avion in Finland announced its final approach to the U.S. market with the help of investors and new manufacturing facilities in Brunswick, Maine. The sleek looking machine will be available from $179K in the United States through atol USA. We spoke with Paul Richards at the exhibit and you may expect more information shortly.

The Hungarian design known as Avana Odonata was presented in bright orange. The aircraft has been observed at the AERO for several years. We hope to have a contact to the manufacturer soon.

Image: © Jason Baker,

Czech manufacturer TL-Ultralight presented its new and sleek design, powered by a Rotax 912 UL. Sitting on a set of amphibious floats, we can’t wait to get more information on this aircraft covered here.

Image: Jason J. Baker –

Good for the eyes was to catch a glimpse of the Pöschel P300 B2 Equator which celebrated its first flight in 1982. During the times of the collapse of General Aviation and particularly seaplane flying in Germany and much of Europe around 1985, its designer parked the project. The aircraft had a maximum speed of nearly 270 knots and a range of up to 3000 NM. It was powered by a TIO-540 providing 310 h.p.

The Pöschel P300 B2 Equator – Image Jason J. Baker –

Russian manufacturer AeroVolga introduced its new Borey Amphibian at the show with a clear focus on getting the aircraft marketed into the growing European playground. We hope to be flying the aircraft eventually.

The New Borey Amphibian – Image via AeroVolga

Equator Aircraft was present without its airplane and we had an interesting time chatting with Thomas Brødreskift, who is literally inches away from getting this amazing airplane airborne. Norway has had a harsh winter and we are looking forward to see this airplane in the air and on the water pretty soon.

Image from file 2017

The Aeroclub Como was present in full force and we finally have a path to our Italian friends to share more information about flying seaplanes and particularly learning to fly seaplanes in Italy.

Image © Jason Baker –

Wipaire, Inc. came all the way from the United States to present its company to the growing market in Europe. Without their support there would not be a today and we enjoyed the talks and the fun and upbeat attitude from Steve Zuercher, who is in charge of International Sales at Wipaire.

Image: Steve Zuercher speaks about floats with Stephanie Schmid © Jason J. Baker –

We enjoyed an upbeat and well organized show this year and have collected new friends and contacts in our own industry. What definitely opened our eyes is the very clearly visible focus on electrical and hybrid propulsion systems and the extremely sleek and slippery designs. Impressive performance numbers and range profiles for new air-frames have been noticed as well and we look forward to reporting about many of them as part of our Sport & General Aviation based coverage. The next AERO Event is scheduled already for April 10 – 13, 2019.

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    I wish that the test questions were more intuitive. Three times Four should equal Twelve but 3 X 4 should equal 12.

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    Nice job reporting J.J. Looks like Europe and the East are doing more to promote General Aviation, especially water flying, than the U.S. of A. Wonder how many Europeans will drop $179,000 and the cost of fuel.


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