The Piper Seminole DX Diesel Is Coming

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The Piper Seminole DX Diesel Is Coming

In recent news Piper had announced its new Seminole DX, powered by two 170 hp CD-170 Diesel engines. During AERO 2018 in Friedrichshafen we had the chance to sit with Jackie Carlon who is with Piper Aircraft, to get some background on the move and story. According to Jackie, Piper experienced very positive feedback from fleet operators with its Archer DX which is powered by a 155 horsepower CD 155.


Archer DX – Image: Jason Baker –

“While 100LL is currently well suited to the U.S. we knew that down the road we were really going to need to have an engine solution for markets where AVGAS is either too expensive or not readily available.” Jackie said. “Piper went and developed the STC together with Continental Engines and was impressed with the archers smoothness and performance. Knowing that there was only one diesel powered solution on the market, the move was the natural conclusion to a task Piper had planned for several years.”

The special feature will be its counter-rotating propellers to remove the critical engine component from multi engine training. The aircraft is considered just about a year out from being introduced to the market and will feature a Garmin’s G1000 NXi suite. The price point is to be expected in tune with the Diesel powered Diamond DA42. Piper had a M350, M600 and Archer DX on display at AERO 2018 Friedrichshafen.

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