BCGA Private Airstrip Access Program Launches


BCGA Sends Private Airstrip Access Program Live

Not wanting to get sued in case of incident or accident is one of the several reasons for private airstrip owners to close shop and disallow fellow aviators from using their airfields. Getting some of these airfields reopened was the goal BCGA had when they started working with a legal firm to change status quo.

The basis of this program is that the airstrip owners sign up to participate based on the knowledge that they cannot be sued. Pilots and passengers sign a waiver that prevents them from suing the airstrip owner no matter what happens. This allows pilots access to all the strips listed in the program as long as the conditions outlined by the airstrip owner/operator are met.

BCGA is currently on-boarding several small strip owners. The four to start with: Clearwater, Echo Valley Ranch, Cortes Island, Sidney Island have been included already. Those interested to join the program should contact BCGA via email. Members of BCGA have access to the PAAP webpage on the BCGA website using their login credentials. The Private Airstrip Access Program page is located in the MEMBERS drop-down menu.

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