German Coast Guard Association Relaunches

Coast GuardFrom Left: Andrea Höltken, Jason J. Baker, Luis Pitacas and Roswitha Höltken. Image: Malte Höltken

German Coast Guard Association Relaunches

Andrea Höltken, Jason J. Baker, Luis Pitacas and Roswitha Höltken. Image: Malte Höltken.

After several years of inactivity the German Coast Guard Association (Deutsche Küstenwache e.V.) held its first membership meeting on May 5th, 2018 at the Ganderkesee Airfield. With new volunteer directors elected, the charitable organization is now working on relaunching flight operations in Northern Germany using a Lake Amphibian LA4-200.

The association which was once home to more than 3000 members was established in 1982 with the mandate to secure and protect Germany’s North – and Baltic Sea as well as lakes and rivers. The aircraft’s primary purpose was air surveillance and preservation of evidence and subsequent reporting of illegal dumping activity by large ships.

The new directors all have a aviation background with a solid understanding of the utility that seaplanes can provide in aerial surveillance as well as search & rescue. Both, North Sea & Baltic Sea come with unique challenges for recreational boaters as well. A well developed base infrastructure stands to be reactivated at this time and the group is working collaboratively with involved stakeholders on resuming flight operations.

The group is financed through donations and membership dues and new members are being accepted. Simply contact Andrea Höltken or Jason Baker to find out more.

The board of directors consists of five volunteers:

  • Andrea Höltken (President);
  • Jason J. Baker (Vice President);
  • Luis Pitacas (Secretary);
  • Roswitha Höltken (Treasurer)
  • Christian von Wischetzki (Technical/ Nautical Advisor)

News coverage in the Jever Daily News at the 30 year anniversary of DKW

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  1. sky terry | May 9, 2018 at 3:37 pm |

    That is awesome to see Germany recognize the value of volunteers and seaplanes. Congratulations Jason on being involved with this.

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