Landslide Decision For German Airport Kiel Holtenau

LandslideYes, there is a SEAPLANE RAMP. We're on it!

Landslide Decision For German Airport Kiel Holtenau

In what could be described a landslide success, German airport Kiel Holtenau just finished a citizen referendum which voted 70% in favor of keeping the historically significant airport open and accessible. Citizens of Kiel had been challenged with a rather trickily formulated questions in which the answer required to keep the airport open required a NO response. However the people spoke clearly, according to city and government statements.


Yes, there is a SEAPLANE RAMP! We’re on it!

Previous over-regulation and the insatiable need for security and safety had put the airport in limbo for years – with the threat of closure lurking over those who had the difficult task of keeping the lights on at the airport and significantly stifling economic success for the area.

From 200.000 residents entitled to vote, more than 88.000 appeared to make their voice heard. 71.3% of those spoke in favor of keeping the airport open and funded properly for the future. A small political minority had proposed to close the airport and convert the freed land for residential building projects.

In 2006 the airport had lost its scheduled airline service and these days the airport provides employment to just 73 people. A local medical clinic specialized on liver transplantation’s had received more than half of its 44 organs by air in 2017. Kiel’s mayor Ulf Kämpfer – who has been pro airport traditionally – stated in an interview with Kieler News that he appreciates the clarity in the citizens referendum and appreciates that the cramping over the last 15 years has found its end.

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    Great news for the airport, German Aviation and Aviation in General

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