Inflight Cabin Fire Destroys Cessna 182 On Amphibs

CabinImage: Jim Johannsson / Edmonton

Inflight Cabin Fire Destroys Cessna 182 On Amphibs

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board will be conducting an investigation into what caused a inflight cabin fire in a Cessna 182 on amphibious floats in Strathcona County, Canada. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing on Monday. The pilot was able to land and exit the aircraft with minor burns, the aircraft was consumed by the fire.


Image: Jim Johannsson / Edmonton

The Edmonton Journal reports that the pilot noticed smoke in the cabin around 2 p.m. on May 21 and proceeded to quickly land the aircraft which proudly features its high performance engine as “IO-550 Super Sealane” on its sides.

The press skipped finding out more about the plane and instead referred to the aircraft as a “10-550 Super Seaplane” in its reporting.Airport president Jim Johannsson said it was an “unfortunate” event with a “fortunate” ending as the pilot suffered only minor injuries. “He had some minor burns on his hands and his hair got singed,” Johannsson said. “We’re really, really thankful that he got on the ground fast.”