AirFair 2018 Ganderkesee Airport A Full Success

GanderkeseeImage: Jason J. Baker/

AirFair 2018 Ganderkesee Airport A Full Success Event Report  — Making General Aviation accessible and affordable to everyone may best describe the mission of Ganderkesee Airport, (aka Atlas Airfield) in Northern Germany. Located just at the western edge of Bremen’s controlled airspace, the airport sports a vibrant flying community, flight schools, helicopters, hot air balloons, parachutes and glider operations as well as model flying clubs. Most importantly, the field is home to various groups and organizations which foster #TheFutureOfGeneralAviation we love to feature here in a country that so often seems dedicated to regulate itself out of existence.


Light Sport Aircraft clearly dominate Europe’s market and have evolved over the years, so the idea to bring as many European manufacturers together for a two day meet and greet makes perfect sense. AirFair Ganderkesee 2018, took place on 5/26- and 5/27/2018 and could be considered a full success as for a Fly In.

Jochen Klein, a solid part of the airports inventory, estimates some 25 manufacturers on display, the airport saw more some 400-500 movements and welcomed between 400- 500 people. Under crystal clear blue skies and temperatures in the 90’s there was a constant buzz going on.

Volunteers managed the flight-line and secured the event while people from all walks of life joined with pilots to chat. A special guest hailed in for a quick visit. No seaplanes? Wrong! Andrea and Malte Höltken brought the German Coast Guard Association’s Lake to the event on Sunday.

Andrea and Malte attempting to start a particularly moody Lake Amphibian on Sunday. Image:

Community Involvement

Worth mentioning is that this airport does what it possibly can to remain accessible to the general public. Visitors find a top notch restaurant, a hotel and plenty of outside seating to enjoy the sights and take the atmosphere in. Children find a playground, the parachute jumpers are providing a good show and there is no impression of being fenced out and kept away.

The airport is adamant about and diligently working on keeping good relations with the surrounding community. Noise complaints are listened to and the airport does its part to keep it that way.


The public entrance gives an impression about the neat airport that awaits behind. Pic: Jason J. Baker/

A Versatile Business Aviation Airport

Ganderkesee is showing to be fully capable to accommodate the business aviation world. Airplanes beyond 5.7 tons operate PPR but the airport is fully able to handle twins and turboprops – which can make the difference in comparison to stuffed and expensive airports. Hangar renters get permission to operate without the usually mandatory information tower occupied. This means businesses are fairly independent from opening and closing times of the airport.

2700 x 72 feet of asphalt, ICAO: EDWQ, Coordinates: 53.02.15 N / 08.30.22 E and Bremen Approach demands continuous monitoring of its APP frequency while operating in the vicinity. Fees at the airport are very reasonable as you may see here.

All in all, a very positive experience, good organization and lots and lots of passion and dedication that went into both the fly in event and the airport itself. We can’t wait to see the the show in 2019. Our sincere thanks to Jochen Klein, who put so much of his time into this event .

Like and Follow the airport on Facebook as well. If you own a business in Europe with a requirement to arrive or depart in the Bremen area – put this airport on your map!