Cessna Denali Development Moving Forward

Cessna Denali Development Moving Forward

Textron Aviation has updated the development status of its new Cessna Denali single-engine turboprop during the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) 2018. The company is currently fabricating the fuselage, wings and tail cone of the first three flying prototypes, working on getting the aircraft ready for entry into the market in 2019.

Currently the company is conducting static and fatigue tests on the ground. As we were told, Cessna anticipates a high level of interest throughout Europe, particularly from piston owners looking to upgrade and join the turboprop league.

So far, Textron Aviation has integrated new technologies and robotics into production in efforts to make serial production more efficient. A first flight and further certification steps are planned for the first quarter of 2019.

The Denali will be equipped with the GE Catalist turboprop engine announced in March of this year. GE Aviation has already announced first engine runs of the advanced turboprop engine which develops 1,240 shaft horse power (SHP) and flies up to 4,000 hours between overhauls. Both the engine and prop will be single lever controlled employing FADEC technology.

The Denali is planned to achieve cruise speeds of 285 knots and carry a full fuel payload of 1,100 pounds. With an anticipated range of 1,600 nautical miles at high-speed cruise and with one pilot and four passengers the airplane will be able to fly nonstop from London to Moscow, Los Angeles to Chicago or New York to Miami.