The 2018 Biscarrosse Seaplane Fly- In

BiscarrosseImages: Copyright Thomas Giegerich

The 2018 Biscarrosse Seaplane Fly- In

As you know, our budget for seaplane events – even in Europe – is extremely limited. Fortunately reaches a lot of seaplane lovers in the world. Someone is always someplace we can’t afford to go… Sending pictures for you this time is our contributing editor Thomas Giegerich, owner of Stingray Aviation in Germany. He’s on vacation in France this week and volunteered to act as a “picture and news spy”. Enjoy his shots!

Are you attending a seaplane fly in? Sending a nice picture (or several) takes less than a minute and your fellow seaplane aficionados the readers will absolutely love it! Thanks for your consideration. Email is preferred. Please never submit pictures not taken by you personally and do not ever send us a link to pictures on Facebook, we will not use them.

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  1. We never heard a single beep from the organizers or other attendees. Everything halfway decent was wasted on Facebook and without Thomas, we’d have had nothing. Do let me know if you are more lucky!

  2. If anyone has good quality hi-res photos of the French Catalina at this event can they contact me at [email protected]

    Our own Duxford-based Catalina is not there as it had a prior commitment in Scandinavia!

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