First DA62 Special Mission Sold To DEA UK

DA62Image: Diamond MPP

First DA62 Special Mission Sold To DEA UK

Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH has delivered the first DA62 MPP special mission aircraft. Launch customer for the latest MPP generation is DEA Specialized Airborne Operations based at Gamston Airport, UK, a provider of airborne sensing solutions including ISR, Aerial Survey and Flight Calibration.


Image: Diamond MPP

DEA’s new DA62 MPP features the light weight maritime search radar NEPTUN and the commercial satellite communication system KOPERNIKUS, an electro-optical and infrared gyro stabilized self-leveling camera, and an airborne AIS receiver.

“With the first DA62 MPP entering the market with our long-term customer DEA Specialized Airborne Operations we are pleased to bring a new tool into operation for our worldwide customers.” says Mathias Hutterer, Head of Airborne Sensing Department at Diamond Aircraft Austria.

Equipped with twin turbocharged FADEC controlled Austro AE330 Engines, the fully composite aircraft burns jet fuel and allows 10 hour non-stop missions. The DA62 MPP platform has an MTOW of 5,071 lbs, with a full fuel payload of 1000 lbs. The DA62 MPP is available in customer specified paint finishes, including a matte grey finish to reduce reflections and aircraft visibility. The DA62 MPP will be on static display at Farnborough Airshow on July 16-22, 2018.