Sundays Are Waterbird Gallery Days

WaterbirdImage: Copyright Kostas Rossidis

Sundays Are Waterbird Gallery Days

This site is about the passion and beauty of seaplanes as well as flying boats. Readers from all over the world share pictures with us to see them featured here. This one came courtesy of Kostas Rossidis in Greece. You may wish to check out his Hellenic Seaplane Association on Facebook.


Image: Copyright Kostas Rossidis

You can join our Waterbird Hall Of Fame by sending pictures to [email protected]. Note: This is a free online news magazine and we literally share pictures for the fun of it. Unlike print magazines, we are not in the business of buying and selling pictures or content, nor does anyone derive any profit from shared pictures. Note: Please add a short text about the picture to let us know who the photographer was and where the picture was taken as we will credit accordingly. Please do not submit pictures which violates someone else in their individual copyright.