BRS Aerospace Moving Into Urban eVTOL’s

UrbanImage: eVTOL Concept

BRS Aerospace Moving Into Urban eVTOL’s


Image: eVTOL Concept

BRS Aerospace says it’s moving into vehicle recovery systems technology that will allow electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing aircraft to reach higher safety levels. Currently working with a number of new aircraft manufacturers, the company is at the early stages of creating technology that could help make eVTOL (electric-powered Vertical TakeOff and Landing) aircraft a reality.

The company shared its existing whole aircraft recovery parachute technology with participants at the urban aviation summit, which took place from May 8-9th, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA and discussed the future of air mobility in largely populated cities around the world. Other gap technologies, critical to the successful development of eVTOL transportation included asymmetrical low noise rotors, avionics and electrical propulsion systems.

BRS Aerospace has sold more than 35,000 whole aircraft parachute systems into several branches of the market, covering General Aviation, Light Sport Aircraft, Experimental, Ultralights and even unmanned vehicles and military aircraft.