Sunny Swift Takes Control During X-Wind Flight

Sunny Swift Strikes Again

Sunny Swift Takes Control During Base To Final Turn

EASA’s newest gadget to improve safety among aviators comes in the form of a heroic female flight instructor who takes students to their limits and beyond, except – she does so very safely. Here’s EASA’s installment on the dreaded base to final turn, which seems to continue challenging pilots. Perfect topic for our “Seaplane Safety Week”.


Sunny Swift – Aviation Safety Hero Par Excellence In Action!

“Sunny Swift” is a 32 year old female flight instructor recently appointed by EASA to help people fly more safely by sharing simple and good practices. Instead of doing so by traditional means, Sunny returns once a month to tell aviators a new story. Nobody knows if she is married or ages as time progresses, but in its new tradition and culture of open dialog with the pilot community, EASA encourages feedback and ideas from pilots. Wish to reach out? Simply send an email to: [email protected]