Avia And MT Prop Produce 10.000 Governors

MTImage: MT Propeller

Avia And MT Prop Produce 10.000 Governors


Image: MT Propeller

MT-Propeller has delivered the 10,000th governor developed and produced with its partner company Avia Propeller in Prague. The MT-Propeller Governors have an up to date design, low weight and high pump capacity. Because of the CNC manufacturing, MT-Propeller Governors allow high flexibility in modification for special applications.

Types and versions:

  • Standard propeller governors for reciprocating engines
  • Standard propeller governors are used to control constant speed for all brands of  hydraulic constant speed propellers, either with or without counterweights installed.
  • These governors can optionally be equipped with mechanical or electric feathering, un-feathering, accumulator fitting, synchrophasing etc.
  • Single lever electric hydraulic governors for modern FADEC controlled engines.
  • Dual pressure reversing propeller governors
  • The dual pressure reversing propeller governors are used to control constant speed and reverse function for reversible hydraulic constant speed propeller with the dual piston system installed. 
  • Turbine engine constant speed reversingfeathering propeller governors

These governors are used to control constant speed, feathering and reversing/beta mode of operation for constant speed propellers used with GE-H80 engine and Walter M-601 engine, single acting or dual acting. Overspeed governors as a safety device for turboprop engines

The new governors offer a higher stability, easier installation for the end customers. Many OEMs have selected the MT/AVIA – governor system as a standard equipment for the aircraft.

MT-Propeller develops and produces high performance natural composite propeller for various applications at the headquarters on the Airport Straubing/Germany. With his business partner Avia Propeller in Prague MT-Propeller develops reliable and powerful governors for all types of propellers. Since year 1999 AVIA Propeller is partner with MT-Propeller and has invested in the most modern manufacturing technology to bring the state of the art governors to the end customer.

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