First Flight For Equator P2 Xcursion

P2 XcursionImage: Equator Aircraft

First Flight For Equator P2 Xcursion

Norwegian amphibian manufacturer Equator Aircraft has completed its first successful test flight of the P2 Xcursion prototype. The aircraft which started first taxi tests in January 2018 was flown by test-pilot Eskil Amdal. The aircraft reached a speed of 100 knots and was flown at approximately 30 feet before being landed again.

Amdal reported the aircraft to be handling stable. On two further flights performed a day later, the manufacturer gained further confidence into the aircraft’s flying characteristics.

The aircraft is a prototype developed by Equator which started developing in 2010. With a amphibious design, the aircraft is equipped with a Engiro M 97 electric motor developing approximately 90 horsepower the aircraft employs its floating wings.

With the stated goal of Equator Aircraft to make flying more affordable to more people, by providing a environmentally safe and noise limited aircraft to the market. Equator plans to deliver the aircraft both a hybrid and fully electric aircraft.

The current prototype is fully electric test-bed with an endurance of 35 minutes. Further development shows promise to deliver aircraft with at least 1 hour and 45 minutes of flight time. In a hybrid configuration the aircraft will have a regular operation and range of 5 to 6 hours.

According to company CEO Tomas Brødreskift Equator is actively looking for investors to increase production capacity. For this purpose equity crowdfunding scheme for EU countries has been set up. But simultaneously the company is looking for larger investors, to make sure that the future development can be achieved.

The continuation of the test program will now be a full flight around the airport which requires an additional “permit to fly” which has been applied for with the CAA. A thrilled Tomas Brødreskift told that the first flight was a fantastic day for the team and that this step presents a real beginning for the future of the project.