Mazury AirShow 2018 Highlights To Expect

Mazury AirShow 2018 Highlights To Expect

Written by Jakub Fajfer Mazury AirShow 2018, XX anniversary edition is scheduled from August 4th to 5th of 2018. We would like to present all the expected stars to the readers of At the moment of preparing this article we can not 100% guarantee that all of them will really make it to the event, but all of them promised to try and make it happen.

We expect some very special guests. We are very happy and proud, that for 5 consecutive years, our event had the pleasure of gathering more and more seaplanes. This year we have already surpassed our own record number of pilots participating. They are going to come from Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Russia, Sweden and Norway. And we still have room for many more! So, if you would like to join us with your seaplane, there is still time to contact us.

We do expect seaplanes and amphibious airplanes from classic to very modern, from single to multi engine, from two to 10 seats, powered by engines which range from 100 horsepower to more than 2.000 horsepower! While talking about 2,000 horses powering a flying object, our biggest and brightest star will be a special lady which is celebrating her 80th birthday this year, the great Catalina PBY.

We have aircraft from the military, as well!

Phot: L.Polus

In this category we expect, among others a C-130 Hercules. It is one of biggest and the only military aircraft to remain in continuous production for over 50 years. When talking about its power it use four Allison T56-A-15 with 4’300 horsepower each! A few more numbers: empty weight – more than 34 tons, payload – almost as much with an amazing 33 tons. And with these numbers, the take off distance is still way less than 1’100 m loaded and less than 430 m empty. More info about that plane on our webpage. Military transport aircraft will be represented also by the M-28 Bryza / Skytruck

Another one, both military and huge, will be Poland’s biggest aerobatic team from the Air Force the “White-Red Sparks”. The team is displaying seven jet aircraft which are called TS-11 „Spark”. These airplanes have very characteristic painting according to the design of Ireneusz Fibinger. Another candles of the cake as they celebrate this year, exactly as us, 20th anniversary.

We further expect the Lithuanian aerobatic Presidential Team ANBO, which is just now returning from air shows in China. This team is performing on 3 or 4 Yak-50/Yak-52 aircrafts. One of the ANBO pilots is the former prime minister and president of Lithuania – Rolandas Paksas. They plan to display in four aircraft this year. More interresting facts about ANBO on our webpage.

We also expect a solo aerobatic pilot. At Mazury AirShow you can admire  pilots who have dedicated themselves to the art of piloting. They will be performing on Extra aircraft. Planes which are capable of reaching flight speeds of over 400 km/h, pulling +/- 10G in maneuvers and rolling ore than 400 degrees per second. More about that fascinating aircraft also on our webpage.

If fixed wing airplanes don’t quite rock your boat, there are beautiful Helicopters attending the show!

Throughout our event you can see the Mi-24 – a Soviet helicopter which has reached iconic status in the battlefield as one of the most powerful in the world, which, despite being in production since 1970 has not lived long enough to see its peer in the armies of western countries. The maximum takeoff weight exceeds 11 tons. Equipped with two turbojet engines with of 2’200 hp each, are able to accelerate the colossus to a speed of 335 km/h. For that purpose they have fuel tanks holding 2’130 l. More here.

Another military helicopter will be the W-3 Falcon belonging to a Search & Rescue Squad in the Air Force. The helo is operated since January 1st, 2009 and since spends 365 days a year, 24 hours a day on rescue duty. Based in the 23rd Tactical Air Base in Minsk Mazowiecki. More here

Civilian Helicopters expected are the Eurocopter EC-120 „Colibri and and the  Hughes 269 / Schweizer 300.

Close relatives of helicopters even if only in appearance are Gyrocopters. We will host the 57.-Team, which is our one of our favorites, always performing a bit more than one would expect while putting a lot of smoke in the air.

Another historically significant aircraft and probably the shiniest one may well be the Dacota DC-3/47 Skytrain.

“Daisy” is her name and she will arrive here from Sweden. She is also this year celebrating her 80th birthday. Build in 1943 by Douglas in Long Beach (California, USA), she is an exact sister of the C-47-60-DL Skytrain. She played her part in World War II on the side of the U.S. Air Force. First deployed on missions in Algeria and later on in England. After the war she was sold to a Swedish company ABA  and became one of the first aircraft of the Swedish airline SAS. Why we wrote DC-3/47 (as that are two different aircraft’s) and many other stories you can find here on our webpage.

Much smaller but also interesting will be a replica of the RWD-5R, the aircraft in which Stanisław Skarzynski crossed the Atlantic with in 1933. Sure, it wasn’t the first transatlantic flight but until today it is the smallest aircraft to cross the Atlantic Ocean flown by a pilot in a suit and tie… Why? More here.

An-2 „Viennese” – the original and pretty unique plane which is associated with a dramatic story that took place in a time when martial-law was the law of the land in Poland. One spring day in 1982, one of the crews performing training and operational flights on this plane decided to flee the country to Austria. After making a stop over in a meadow near Krakow and taking away the families of airmen, the plane made a low altitude flight in the difficult mountainous terrain of Czechoslovakia and Austria, before safely landing at the Vienna airport. More about Viennese and An-2 general you can read here.

This is only part of the Aircraft planned for Mazury AirShow. A full list can be found on our website, which is also available in English. We look forward to welcoming you in the beautiful Masuria Lake region this year!

Jakub Fajfer is a private pilot, parachute jumper as well as member of the Gdansk Aero Club. He serves as the Co-Organizer of Mazury Air Show and also as Chief of Pilots Cooperation Team responsible for event pilot acquisition, cooperation and all contacts, responsible for the show program. Born in Masuria,  he spends his everyday life in Gdansk, Poland. To learn more about the Mazury Airshow, please visit

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