AeroVolga Circumpolar Flight Progress

AeroVolgaImage: AeroVolga

AeroVolga Circumpolar Flight Progress

On July 3, Samara based aircraft manufacturer AeroVolga who manufactures the single engine Borey and twin engine LA-8 amphibious plane departed on a 1.5 month circumpolar flight.  The two twins and the Borey will be traveling across 9 countries. So far the trip has gone incredibly well and the team is embarking on crossing Alaska at the time of this writing!


Image: AeroVolga

The route through Alaska is PAOM, PAOT, PAUM, PABA and  they plan for that around July 15-20. Then its off to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and back home to Russia through Norway and Finland.

AeroVolga LA-8 in flight.

The AeroVolga LA-8 amphibian airplanes is designed to operate in all latitudes and climatic zones, in fresh and salt water. Currently, the aircraft is in serial production, about 20 aircraft have been built and put into operation. The aircraft’s landing gear allows operating from paved and unpaved runways. The LA-8 is designed and produced in accordance with the FAR-23 (CS-23). It can be operated with one or two pilots and carry six to seven passengers. It is a monoplane with high fixed wing and three-point chassis with a forward support. The aircraft has a composite air frame. It can be powered by Lom Praha M337C-A V (take off power 235 HP) or Lycoming IO-540 (take off power 260 HP). With a MTOW of nearly 6000 pounds and cruising at 140 KTAS the aircraft is pretty impressive.

Image: Valery Tokarev (left) and Andrey Ivanov(right) on the board of the Borey amphibian. Photo: Andrey Ivanov

We’ll keep the readers updated on further trip reports. The company has invited to Samara Russia for flights with their lineup of aircraft later this year. We look forward to the trip!

Please visit AeroVolga’s Facebook Page for constant updates from the trip!

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  1. Brad Donner | July 12, 2018 at 10:22 pm |

    I’m fortunate to count myself among Andrey Ivanov’s many friends and enjoyed his superb hospitality in Moscow this past January. Although he’s just one member of a large team, Andrey has devoted himself to preserving and protecting general aviation in Russia. Pursuant to these activities, he and his team have restored to flying condition to Ilyushin Il-14 aircraft (similar to the Convair 240) and engage on long flying expeditions throughout Russia every year.

    I have tried unsuccessfully to get AOPA in the United States to write a story about Andrey, his team, AOPA Russia, and the plight of Russian general aviation. But for those who are interested in how our aviation neighbors in Russia live and fly, I would urge you to check out Andrey’s Facebook page and the Facebook page of the Ilyushin Il-14 Restoring team. Both pages are in Russian, but thanks to modern technology, translation is just a mouse click away.

    To Vladimir, Andrey, and the rest of the team – your friends in the US wish you a safe and successful journey.

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