Tweety Is Teaching Kids To Fly Taildraggers

TweetyPictures courtesy of Legend Aircraft

Tweety is Teaching Kids to Fly Taildraggers

Tweety, the Legend Cub built to venerate the enduring Piper J3 Cub, has been flying since 2005. This was the aircraft that introduced the world to a newly manufactured Cub. Tweety was the first Legend Cub and was recently renewed by American Legend Aircraft Company. Its purpose at present is putting teenagers in the cockpit and nurturing their interest in learning to fly.

Earlier this year, Daryl Hickman took delivery of Tweety following the formation of Kids Fly Cubs. He will use the aircraft to expand the new program. Noting that schools nationwide have modest aviation programs, if any at all, Hickman believes interest in aviation among youth remains untapped. The missing piece is that many kids in their teens have actually never flown in a light airplane. Through Kids Fly Cubs, the opportunity to fly for the first time, with a loggable flight lesson, is now more accessible.

“What better way to learn how to fly than in a taildragger Cub? That’s the idea behind a new organization called Kids Fly Cubs, which is working to set up learn-to-fly promotions using Legend Cub serial number one loaned by American Legend, the Texas-based company that has been manufacturing updated Cubs for more than a decade,” reported Paul Bertorelli from Sun ‘n Fun 2018.


Image courtesy of Legend Aircraft

Organizations such as the EAA Young Eagles program have been cultivating new pilots for some time. Also filling the gap is AOPA’s You Can Fly initiative that promotes aviation to high school students. Kids Fly Cubs hopes to expand these ideas further by taking teens beyond the first flight, helping them to log flying time and teaching them taildragger techniques.