WingsNWheels Hamburg From August 10-12

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Meet Us At WingsNWheels Hamburg In August

Are you looking for some fun excuse to burn some AVGAS on the weekend of August 10th to 12th? If your answer is yes, we can help! The annual WingsNWheels event takes place during this time and we are proud to be invited to the event for coverage. An amazing program awaits those who love airplanes, cars or motorcycles! The event organizers are known for putting on a hammer show and there will be special guests, as well!

Besides multiple old-timer formation flights there are confirmed appearances of Dornier Do 27 / Do 28 in formation as well as solo there will be aerobatic displays by Pitts, Extra, Siai-Marchetti, Team Zlintix and a Decathlon and Gliders. There will be hot air balloons, an Antonov AN-2 as well as parachute jumping activity.

But – who’s the special guest?!

Our friends from the Catalina Society in the U.K. will bring the old graceful Catalina over on their return trip from Mazury Airshow, before moving on to the next show. An amazing opportunity to touch and see this aircraft and learn more about it. Lets not miss it!


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Bike and Car Lovers Galore

From Dr.Blank’s Quad Stuntshow to a 41 Willy Jeep, there will be a burnout show, drag-racing as well as a whole array of classic action and custom cars. A whole bunch of DJ’s are putting on enough music to balance the tinnitus from all the bikes and cars.

We look forward to meeting readers and friends of during the event.



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