The Fifth Annual Cessna Fly In – Jena Germany

JenaImage: © Daniel Steinhauß

The Fifth Annual Cessna Fly In – Jena Germany

Trip Report written by Daniel Steinhauß – The fifth annual Cessna Fly-In took place from July 6th to 8th at the Jena Schöngleina Airport in Germany. The fly-in which has collected its fair share of participants over the years. No less than 72 aircraft congregated on the field, bringing more than 150 passionate people together in one beautiful spot. Wolfgang Kuhnert, General Manager of the airport was very happy about this years success.


Image: © Daniel Steinhauß

The first planes began to arrive on Friday with pilots putting tents underneath the wings of their aircraft and the evening brought a wonderful sunset, some great BBQ and a relaxed atmosphere for all of us.

The program for Saturday was very impressive. The Red-Bull-Team brought it’s Cessna 337 Skymaster to the event. The aircraft is pure eye-candy and with several low passes, its sound was causing goosebumps for most of the present aficionados.


Image: © Daniel Steinhauß

Another beauty on the line was a Cessna L19 which was built in 1953 and was piloted by Austrian pilot Fred Kroissenbrunner. The old lady completed 127 combat missions in the Korean war and it took several years to rebuild it into flyable condition.

In addition to the flight program, participants had opportunities to attend workshops. Garmin presented its new product portfolio and Foreflight brought its new Navigation software for people to see and try. Particularly interesting was attending the seminar held by the German NTSB, aka. “Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung” which worked through several past accidents and presented recommendations to avoid them in the future. Another interesting topic was a workshop about Meteorology, done professionally by TopMeteo.

Along with all the big name manufacturers at the show, we had the pleasure to introduce our new App, which allows pilots and aircraft owners to pay their landing fees as well as hangar/ tie-down fees with the simple smart-phone app. Together with my colleague Ralf Thormann, we added Jena Schöngleina to our list of participating airports, allowing our users enjoy the convenience on now no less than 36 airports. While we are still developing further features it is already possible use the app and we’d love to hear from other European pilots and airports who are willing to give us a wirl!

Daniel Steinhauß is a 29 year old private pilot who holds EASA PPL-A (SEP) LAP-L (S) as well as TMG. He began flying at age 15 and holds a degree in industrial engineering and mechanical engineering from TU Braunschweig. He is the co-founder of AeroPS, an app service that lets pilots pay their landing fees and fuel bills conveniently with a smart phone. You may learn more about Daniel’s work by visiting You can always reach us by Email via: [email protected]

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