The Cat Has Arrived In Northern Germany

Special CatImage: Courtesy and © Niels Mundry

The Cat Has Arrived In Northern Germany

Yesterday, Niels Mundry, one of the cool organizers of the Wings N Wheels Event which launches this upcoming weekend, sent a WhatsApp, announcing that he had no particular problems with being at work at the airport. No wonder, when he looks out the window he gets to see a special Kitty Cat, which just hailed in from Mazury Airshow in Poland.

Special Cat

Image: Courtesy and © Niels Mundry

Chris Buckner and some other shady character are traveling to the event this upcoming weekend and rumor has it that David Legg from The Catalina Society has ordered special guards to keep us from crawling all over, in and around this beauty. Make sure to take time out of your busy schedule to travel to the Wings N Wheels event at the Uetersen Airport in Germany and meet our mini team!