The AeroVolga Team Is Progressing On The Polar Tour


The AeroVolga Team Is Progressing On The Polar Tour

The folks at AeroVolga are progressing nicely on their voyage around the polar circle. After visiting Alaska  they went on to Canada before venturing into Greenland. Pictures say more than words, so here you go!

The trip is planned to take approximately 1.5 months as we had reported previously. The team had an awesome time in Alaska earlier with lots of new friendships developed.  Here’s a video of the landing in Greenland, together with some more impressions collected so far. You may follow them via Facebook.

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  1. Brad Donner | August 8, 2018 at 5:04 pm |

    Thank you so much for carrying the story of this amazing flight. One of the pilots is part of the leadership team of AOPA Russia and yet AOPA in the United States has no interest in covering this story or the plight of General Aviation in Russia; so many thanks for your interest and coverage.

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